For eighteen years I wrote a weekly suburban Chicagoland column called Peaks and Valleys. During that time I published over 900 stories documenting the challenges and joys of being a wife, daughter, sister and mother raising four daughters.  I got paid.  And i got fan mail.  I mean, who gets fan mail for raising kids?

And then we all grew up.

My next adventure is an upcoming trip with five other women in an RV … to see Mount Rushmore.  With so many friends and fam asking how they can be a fly on the wall for this little Thelma and Louise/Lucy and Ethyl on steroids caper, what better way to keep the troops in the loop while learning a little more about this big wide world of ‘blogging’.  I mean if twelve-year-olds can do it, why can’t I?

That said, after two years in the making in just a few short days one 30 foot RV will be home to six women, one karaoke machine and 89 Vera Bradley bags as we careen towards four dead Presidents affectionately known as The Heads.

Time for a little whiskey in a teacup!



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